February 8, 2016

Simple DIY Valentine's Day Gift Tag

I am delighted to show you this diy gift tag, a pretty and so easy handmade way to spruce up a Valentine's Day gift.

In fact, I think this tag is not to be used only on Valentine's Day, it will add a lovely finishing touch to any gift. You could easily make a batch in a single sitting and have a stash of them ready to embellish a last minute gift.

To make each tag you will need:
  • Craft papers - 1 solid color, 1 printed (heavier paper, like cardstock, is better for this project)
  • Round shape punch (I used a cricut machine to cut the circles)
  • Heart shape punch
  • Hole punch
  • Thread and Scissors
  • Beads and ribbons to embellish the tags

Last but not least, add the finishing touches - Attach a thread to the tag so you can tie it to your gift, add a bead, or a ribbon with beads to make it prettier and give it a personal touch, after all it's all about the pretty details, right?

No mess, no fuss, or special skills required, just a wish to put some love and care into gift wrapping.

January 22, 2016

Layers of natural beauty

"I must have  flowers always and always"

Sometimes you just have to step back and take a look at a bigger picture.

Happy weekend!

January 15, 2016

Urban Jungle Bloggers - Kitchen Greens

What a great idea this month's Urban Jungle Bloggers theme - Kitchen Greens - I liked it not only because I keep lots of plants in my kitchen-dining area, but also it's a room with plenty of natural light, which makes it more fun to take pictures.

From spring to middle fall I grow herbs in a raised bed my husband built for me that I keep on the deck, but when it gets to winter pots with herbs replace succulents and African violets on my kitchen window sill.

To me it's important to use fresh herbs in my cooking, they are flavorful, make beautiful garnishes, are packed with nutrients and antioxidants, and transform every meal into something special.

People say that if a plant does well in a spot we should not move it from it, well in my home it's not quite like that, I have this urge to rearrange things around the house, including my plants. The same plant that today is in my kitchen, tomorrow can be found in the studio or bathroom, and they do well all year around.

I water my indoor plants weekly, and I rarely fertilize, or repot them. I like to believe they do well because I do care for them. Some believe talking to plants is a myth, I don't, so I chat with them, showing my appreciation and how thankful I am to have them around.

I believe talking to plants is beneficial to them and to myself, and it doesn't take a long conversation just a 'hello', or 'good morning'  when I water them, or move them around.

And you, do you talk to your plants?

Get inspired and join the fun at Urban Jungle Bloggers.

December 20, 2015

Planty wishes for 2016 - A living wreath

Make a living wreath has never crossed my mind, in fact I never understood the purpose of them, they die pretty quickly no matter which plants we use, but when I learned the topic chosen by Igor and Judith for this month's Urban Jungle Bloggers - Planty Wishes for 2016, that's exactly what came to my mind.

To me, simbolically, a living wreath represents us, humans. Like us some plants are fragile and delicate, some are strong. Like plants, humans are created beautiful, and both have a Life spam.

Plants don't have any choices, they simply are, but no matter their shape, their texture, their color, they always bring joy and beauty to the world. We have choices and yet we not always bring joy and beauty to the world.

My planty wishes for 2016 is that we all look at the plants, look at Nature, and get inspired by them. We have a choice, remember? We can choose love over fear.

Most of us are not in a position to make decisions that will affect a large number of people, but every single thing we do makes a difference. Let's spread more kindness, small acts of kindness can go a long way in making the world a better place.

For the sake of all of us, I wish we all have the will to make this world a better place.

Now back to make my living wreath. Like most of my diy projects, making this wreath was very easy to assembly and very relaxing. I started by putting a small branch together, wrapping it with floral wire and gently tie it to my grapevine wreath, but soon I realized that the plants with tough stems could be directly put into the wreath. So easy.

I love the texture and color of moss, so I tuck some into the wreath so it looks as if they were growing there naturally.

The smell in the room from the pine branches and the beautiful mess on my dining table - priceless! 

I made it yesterday, and I've been spraying it with a mister. It still looks fresh and beautiful.

December 18, 2015

DIY Two-Color Tassel Gift Tag

Ez Pudewa, with her blog Comfort Creatures, was one of the first creative ladies that got me hook up on the internet some years ago. Unfortunately, that blog no longer exists. She moved on.
One of her diy projects that I remember, and like very much, is the one that shows how to use two tassels to make gift tags.

The simplest way to make a mini tassel is to fold the skein of embroidery floss in half, cut it in the middle, tie a tight knot from the folded end and remove the label wraps from the thread. Well, maybe you can do that, I can not. I tried this way but the threads would get all tangled, and I saw myself using my hands and teeth trying to keep it straight. So frustrating.

Looking around I saw a pen, and had the idea to use it to help me keep the threads together. So here is my way to make gift tags using two tassels.

You will need:
  • Embroidery threads (3 different colors for each gift tag)
  • Scissors
  • Pen, or pencial
  • Ribbon, or twine
  • Embellishments (optional)

Choose two shades of a color to make your tassel, and work one embroidery floss at a time.
Start by folding one of skein of embroidery floss in half. Loop both ends in the pen, keep the label wraps close to the pen, and cut the skein in the middle.

Before removing the label wraps, tie both ends together in a not too tight knot to create the loop of your tassel. Work the same way with the other embroidery floss.

Place both thread bunds together and use a long length of contrasting embroidery floss color to wrap them together in a tight knot. Now you have a two-color tassel. Remove it from the pen. if needed, trim the ends.

Attach a ribbon, or twine, to your two-color tassel so you can tie it to your gift. Add some embellishment to it to make it look more festive and tuck it under the tree. Cute right?

December 3, 2015

DIY Easy Candle Holder

I love DIY projects, to me it's a fun way to boost my creativity and to relax as well. When I am creating a project I am actively focusing on the present moment, nothing disturbs me.

Maybe that's the reason my DIY projects are simple and easy to make, nothing stressful, or complicated, like this cute idea for a cute candle holder.

I like petite things, and when I saw some jewelry dishes at a thrift store, I did not resist and took them home with me. I could have used them as they are meant to be used, but I did not. I had another purpose for them, I decided to use them as candle holders.

  • Cut a piece of tape to fit around the tin case
  • Simply wrap the tape around the tin case. 
  • Glue the wrapped tin case in the center of the dish - use a strong glue (I used E600)
  • Let the glue dry completely before placing the candle in the holder
  • Finish by adding some beads around the candle for a neat look

Candles are a wonderful way to add atmosphere to any ambient, so grab your craft on and make this easy peasy candle holder for your table this holiday season.

November 22, 2015

DIY Cute Needle Minders

I have always had a soft spot for embroidery, especially cross stitching, but had never given it a try before. It all changed when I bought a Mollie Makes magazine and got a beautiful cross stitch flower kit. I promised myself that flower would be my first attempt at cross stitching. They say it is never too late to try a new thing, right?

I started my new project last week, or at least I tried. Most of the time I spent looking for the needle, or trying to thread the needle.

Like my glasses, I have the terrible habit to put needles where I can't find them later.

I was about to give my new project up when one day, browsing for tutorials on the internet, I read about something completely new to me - a needle minder.
I've never seen, or heard about it before (remember, I'm so new to the embroidery world), and when I saw a super easy diy needle minder on youtube, I gathered all the supplies and had fun making my own pretty ones.

Make sure to buy strong magnets. You will need 2 magnets for each needle minder - one that is glued to the back of the cover button, and one that you put on the back side of your project to hold the minder.

I used Gorilla glue, but I believe any strong glue will do it.

The cover button kit I bought includes a round template to cut the fabric out, but I did not use it. I cut a 2x2 piece of paper and use it as my template.

  • Center fabric, wrong side up, over the mold and press button shell into mold. Turn mold over and adjust fabric if image is not centered.
  • Tuck fabric into button shell.
  • Place back over tucked fabric and press down firmly with pusher to snap into place.
  • Glue a magnet to the back of the cover button.  

This diy caught my attention not only because it's easy and quick to make, and very useful when we are stitching, but the cover buttons can be used on inspiration (mood) boards as well, adding some whimsy to it. Don't you agree?

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