January 7, 2014

Winter Blues

Baby, it's cold outside! I don't remember feeling this cold ever, it even hurts! It's not easy for me to deal with such cold weather, after all I was born in a tropical country, but hello winter, I have a way to trick you -  flowers! Yes, that's one of my ways to beat the winter blues.

Every week I bring fresh flowers home and have fun arranging and photographing them. I think it gives a much needed freshness to the short and dark winter days. 
Flowers and photography help me to connect to my creative soul, which sometimes insists in taking a long nap... but through blogging I have found a way of being more mindfully and creatively engaged in my everyday life, reconnecting with myself and my passions, and finding new ones.

Stay warm. 



  1. Pelo que entendi este é o seu novo blog, Regina? Beijos.

    1. Bom dia Heloisa, tudo bem? Você é uma danadinha, me descobrindo aqui...
      Esse é um novo blog sim Heloisa, diferente do outro. Uma tentativa de fazer algo novo e enfrentar alguns desafios.
      Um grande abraço