February 9, 2014

DIY Paper Heart Mobile

I love Valentine's Day and I love hearts. I always have fun at this time of the year making simple little projects to celebrate Valentine's Day and surprise friends and family with little gestures.
Other things I love are mobiles, garlands, and paper buntings, so I decided to make a mobile using an old dream catcher I had, so old it was catching more nightmares than dreams. I painted it and used it as base for a paper heart mobile.

This was actually a very simple project. Most of the materials I already had laying around. The only thing I had to buy was a bigger heart-shaped paper punch. Having different heart sizes makes the piece more visually interesting and gives it dimension. Because I already had the plastic beads and some rhinestone stickers I added them, but you can always add other kinds of ornaments. It's up to you!

♥ Scrapbook Papers & some Paint Chips
♥ Heart-Shaped Punch in 3 different sizes
♥ Baker's Twine
♥ Plastic Beads, and some Rhinestone Stickers
♥ Glue (I used Modge Podge matte)

Cut out hearts in different sizes with the paper punches, cut the twine in various lengths, put some glue on the back of a heart and place it underneath the twine (make sure to place the twine in the center of the heart) and glue another heart to it. Add some beads on the top of the heart before glueing another set of hearts to the twine. That's it.

Even if you don't have an old dream catcher to use as a base for a mobile you can always use a metal hoop or ring, or just hang a string of hearts on a door knob or use washi tapes to hang it on walls, windows, whatever idea your imagination comes up with. Anyway, I hope you love it and make lots of paper heart strings.

Have a wonderful week.
I'm here, and here just in case.


  1. So pretty! A great idea.



    1. Thank you Rosa. It's a simple diy to make in these gray and cold winter.

      Have a great weekend!

  2. So so cute!

  3. awsome .. i will make it for my little sister room