January 30, 2015

DIY Valentine's gift wrap

I don't know about you, but I like to improvise and personalize when it comes to wrapping gifts, specially if I come up with some simple diy, and that's exactly what I did in one of these quiet and cold winter weekends. 

I bought a pretty black & white wrapping paper with a red reindeer picture at Christmas time, and as I ended up not using it to wrap my Christmas gifts I decided to transform it in a Valentine's gift wrapping paper.

I'm a huge fan of paper punches, so in some sort of creative overdrive mode I got on the floor of my craft room with my pretty Christmas wrapping paper, a heart punch, and some scrapping papers.

So simple, fun, and addicting to work with paper punches. It was easy to come up with a cool way to transform my Christmas wrapping paper into a Valentine's one - I punched a few hearts and glued them on the Christmas-like reindeer picture.

So there you are, a simple way to re-create a wrapping paper.


  1. Love and sweet diy ideas:) Thank you so much Regina:)

  2. Muito legal e dá um toque bem especial ao presente! bjs, chica

  3. Hello dear Regina, you are so creative, you always amaze me...I've often thought about buying a few of those lovely heart punches and trying something out myself! Hope you are keeping well. Take care Sharon x