January 4, 2015

Story on a plate

After eating too much, and cooking all sorts of sweets over the holidays, I am ready to start eating healthier again. I avoid processed foods, and buy organic as much as I can.

My mother did not have to bother to look for organic foods, they all were, in essence, organic foods. They would come from the farms in the outskirt of the town, and synthetic chemicals being added to our food was not a way to grow them yet.

I see all these trend diets that pop up once and again, making people hungry, deprived, eating things they don't like just because they say we should, and in the end they make you feel less energy and more cravings then when you started.

The villain now is gluten. It is true it can be harmful to those who suffer from celiac disease, or who have gluten intolerance, and I am thankful that's not my case.

A while back we were told to completely eliminate eggs from our diet, right? Now the story has changed, again. 

I believe we must have knowledge about food, we must listen to our bodies, and have common sense. There is a far difference between eating eggs with whole wheat bread and eggs with sausages, home fries, and so on.

So, when yesterday, I craved protein-loaded food, to have tuna and boiled eggs for lunch was a natural choice.

This salad was inspired by the classic Salade Niçoise, a nutritious one-in-all salad. 

Light, colorful, flavorful, and nourishing.

Salade Niçoise (my way)

♥ hard-boiled eggs, sliced
♥ tuna cans packed in water, drained
♥ tomatoes, sliced
♥ green beans, cooked until bright green & crisp-tender
♥ black olives, sliced
♥ yellow onions, sliced
for the dressing: pink salt, olive oil, lime, freshly ground pepper, fresh basil

While growing up, my mother's salad dressings consisted in salt, olive oil, and lime - in Brazil, lime is more commonly used to boost food flavors than lemon.

To this day that's how I like to eat salads, specially when the ingredients are naturally flavorful as these ones.

I wish you all a blessed & healthy New Year!


  1. Minha querida!
    Dietas da moda e seus disparates loucos. .. Equilíbrio e bom senso são mais que suficientes para se ter uma vida saudável e feliz. .. E por falar nisso, sua salada está aí para comprovar! Está linda e apetitosa,deixou-me com água na boca! Ótima dica para esse momento pós comilança!!! Beijinhos para você, Katia.

  2. Que linda tua salada e sabes, nunca deixei de comer ovos.Adoro! Feliz novo ano! bjs, chica

  3. Hello dear Regina! I couldn't agree more with you. I think people years ago lived longer because they ate healthier unprocessed unrefined foods and not food bought in a freezer which you just microwave then eat! Fortunately I also grew up eating and preparing everything from raw produce. You salad has made me want to make one myself! Your photos are beautiful, so crisp and clear and colourful. Take care Sharon xx

  4. Suas fotos são maravilhosas...adoro o seu blog! Parabéns!

  5. Çok güzel görünüyor. Mutlaka deneyeceğim.. Sevgiler..

  6. Olá, Regina! Concordo com vc, fazer muitas restrições alimentares tiram nossa energia! Com exceção de carnes vermelhas, consumo de tudo um pouco...adorei sua salada, perfeita para meus hábitos alimentares.
    Amiga, obrigada pelo carinho, que teu 2015 seja repleto de alegrias.

  7. Just looking at it it is so delicious! I totally agree and love fresh foods! Pinning!

  8. Regina. Também sou adepta da comida saudável. Não excluo nada na minha alimentação. Diariamente, faço todas as refeições lá de casa, desde o pão, aos iogurtes. É sempre preciso equilibrio em tudo. bjo

  9. OMG! Salad is gorgeous! I love it!

    PS. I'm organizing a chocolate contest on my blog. Maybe you'd like to join us? :)

  10. Hi Regina, I'm so glad I found your blog! I love its design and your beautiful pictures!
    Yeah I totally agree with you that there's no absolute rule towards food, but how to balance them. My parents are not vegetarian or on any strict diet, but they always eat light, with a lot of veggies, some carbs and small amount of protein. They are in very good shape and seldom get sick.
    Love the salad! Great in flavor and healthy enough for me :)