February 8, 2015

DIY heart gift tags

It's time to show that special someone just how much you adore them, I mean, It's Valentine's time!

I've got a perfect diy gift tag to add a finishing touch to your gift. It's all about the pretty details, right?

Each tag is a little different, but still have the same concept.

  • Manila tag 
  • Medium-weight scrap papers
  • Heart punches (2 different sizes)
  • Punch hole
  • Reinforcement labels
  • Twine threads
  • Glue
  • Pencil & scissors

♥ Use the manila tag as a pattern, trace it onto a medium weight scrap paper with pencil, and cut it out. 

♥ Make a hole at the top of the tag using the hole punch.

♥ Place a reinforcement label sticker on the punched hole; besides reinforcing the hole on the tag, it gives a nice finishing to it. 

♥ Make hearts using heart punches, and glue them to the tag.

♥ Finally, add a pretty coordinating piece of thread to the tag so it can be easily attached to a gift.


  1. Georgeus and sweet tags:) Thank you so much Regina:)

  2. Those are so pretty! I wish I could find beautiful wrapping paper like that around here (or is that fabric?), they certainly make all the difference too.

  3. The heart tag looks so cute!! Perfect for Valentines day!!

  4. Adorable, Regina. You are soooo creative:) Thanks for sharing...

  5. Olá, minha amiga!

    Quanta coisa linda, as embalagens ficaram tão delicadas e graciosas! E as tags são fofíssimas, eu também já fiz algumas, mas estas suas ficaram perfeitas!
    Ah, Re, aquele filme, do qual falei, tem tudo a ver com o que tem acontecido no Brasil, eu até comecei a fazer uma correlação entre o filme e o país, mas apaguei o que escrevi porque a coisa me deixou fervendo de indignação, rsrs.

    Um beijo

  6. These tags are super cute Regina! Will have to try and make some!

  7. Hello dear Regina, I love how very creative you are. These look so beautiful! Thanks for stopping by my blog, sorry about the confusion BFF means best friends forever, the young people use this term all the time, but I've changed this on the post, because I realised it could be glad you liked the art. Take care Sharon x

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  9. How many good jobs have you created for Valentine's Day , congratulations !
    Good Valentine's Day!

  10. All your gift wrapping and tags are marvelous! I love them!

    1. Thank you dear Angela.

      How is the cold out there? Here is freezing this weekend :(