February 14, 2015

Just for two

Like most holidays, on Valentine's day Brady and I prefer to keep it low key at home, but this does not mean we don't have fun. Which leads me to talk about food. Cooking is a part of our romantic vocabulary. To me cooking is an act of love, and we both enjoy cooking to each other. 

And you, are you cooking something special for today? If  you want a sweet and creamy dessert that does not require a lot of time, and with only two ingredients, I have something for you. 

Something creamy, sweet and a little tart.

Another recipe with sweetened condensed milk? Yes, it is. Not that I am lacking cooking imagination, or anything of the kind - sweetened condensed milk is a major ingredient in many Brazilian desserts and sweets. I could write a book with only condensed milk recipes.

Lime Cream
Makes 2

♥ 1 can sweetened condensed milk
♥ juice of 2 limes
♥ lime zest, pistachio and berries to garnish

Blend the sweetened condensed milk and the lime juice together until it reaches a creamy and rich velvety texture.

Top with lemon zest, pistachio and berries of your choice.

So simple, right? A lovely sweet touch to finish any meal.

Happy Valentine's day everyone. 


  1. Que boa ideia! Deliciosa ! Lindo dia dos namorados por aí! bjs, chica

  2. Adorei a receita,simples,deliciosa e sofisticada. .. Um mimo delicioso para o dia de hoje! Happy Valentine's Day ! Beijinhos cariocas,em pleno Carnaval, Katia.

  3. Çok güzel görünüyor..Muhteşem...

  4. Hummm, delicia! Um bom domingo para você, beijos!

  5. oh wow... looks incredibly delicious... Wish I could try it :)

  6. It looks so delicious!! I love your images so much also...

  7. Ah Regina it looks like you had a lovely Valentines....we kind of ignored it this weekend and had other things we needed to focus on...lovely photos and look delicious! Wishing you a lovely week Sharon x

  8. I love making sweets with sweetened condensed milk! They look delicious!

  9. This is such a great idea Regina! Love it !