February 2, 2015

Mango, Coconut, Chia Seeds - from Smoothie into Pudding

I know what you are going to say. To make a smoothie is just a matter of choosing which ingredients to use. Really nothing difficult.

I've growing up having it with lots of different variations. Mixing fruits, and sometimes vegetables, for a contrast of textures, colors, and many times  adding crunchiness by topping them with coarsely chopped nuts.

In Brazil, some people like vitamina, that's how smoothie is called there, mixed with oranges, I prefer the richness of a good cow's milk, or coconut milk. Either way, smoothies are delicious. A great choice for a snack.

This is barely a recipe, and you may be put off when I tell you  I failed at making a smoothie.

How is it possible someone fail at making a smoothie?

They happen to the best of us. I like to believe.

Let me explain. It's not that it turned up in some bizarre-tasting smoothie, but into a deliciously creamy dessert.

So naturally, I started mixing frozen mango, coconut flakes, and chia seeds with coconut milk...

But then something happened.

I felt like experimenting, trying to think outside of the smoothie box. And since I could not decide between adding whipped cream or heavy cream to my smoothie, I added both. And then some condensed milk for sweetness.

And I couldn't be happier I did it. My smoothie turned into a rich creamy texture pudding.

I can not tell you the quantities I used, as I kept adding and varying the quantities and the ingredients, but I can guarantee that blending frozen mangococonut flakescoconut milkheavy creamwhipping cream and chia seeds, is an irresistible choice if you are dreaming about something soft, creamy and delicious.

And if you have a sweet tooth, don't forget to add some condensed milk to this mixture.


  1. Hmmmmm... Com essas misturas todas só pode ficar bom ,além de bonito! bjs, chica

  2. Hi Regina, this post made me chuckle, especially after reading your smoothie has cream and condense milk hah! I like to make my son smoothies with cows milk and raspberries and bananas, but I prefer just smoothies or fruit juice made from juiced fruit and is my most favourite fruit of all! Sharon x

  3. Minha querida!
    Que sugestão mais deliciosa e ,simplesmente, irresistível. .. A combinação de sabores é perfeita e o leite condensado arremata essa delícia, deixando-a perfeita!
    Levo a dica para saborear nesses dias absurdamente quentes...
    Uma linda e feliz semana,beijinhos,Katia.

  4. You sure did think outside of the box Regina! Deliously so I might add. It's so funny thouhg because sometimes when you "play" like that and it comes out extra good, you can't tell anyone the recipe because you "played" so much, lol...I'm thinking this is probably a delicious smoothie dessert:)

    Thanks for sharing, Regina...Maybe you'll be whipping up some sweet potatoes in that smoothie, lol...

    P.S. I think it's so cool that some people in Brazil call it Vitamina. It looks almost like Vitamins:)

  5. Such a delicious dessert! I so much love its color!

  6. Oi, Re,

    O seu smoothie ficou com um aspecto tão apetitoso que me deu água na boca, viu? rsrs.
    E o bom é que ele não é só calorias vazias, mas uma combinação de alimentos nutritivos
    e saudáveis com as delícias que a gente ama, rsrs.

    Um beijo