March 20, 2015

Mini Coconut & Cheese Cake - Bombocado

"Do you like them?" I asked Brady when I handed him a plate with some Bombocados.

"Oh! They are so delicious!", he said.

And I smiled.

It was the first time I made Bombocado, which I decided to translate into mini Coconut & Cheese cake. Flourless & gluten-free, I must add.

Last Sunday, as I walked into the kitchen with a hungry belly for something sweet, I thought I would call my mother to ask for her Bombocado recipe, which she calls Sorrisos, or in English, Smiles

Inevitably it is what happens when we eat Bombocado, we smile, happy and fulfilled.

They are extremely moistdeliciously smooth, and satisfying.

The next morning, before going to work I stopped at my friend's home  to give her some Bombocados

Later that day, she called me to say she and her children loved it, and asked for the recipe. Gladly, I gave it to her.

I know what you are going to say. Yet another sweetened condensed milk recipe? 

Please do not be hard on me. What can I say. I read that was an American, Gail Borden Jr., who developed was is known today as sweetened condensed milk, but we Brazilians have adopted and cherished it as our own.

The sweetness of baked coconut scent filled my home, and as always it took me back to the time I lived on the second floor above my father's bakery. 

Every time I bake a cake I feel like I'm heading back home growing up in a large family. 

Never a dull moment. 

Sweet and cozy memories.

  • Usually, I would place Bombocado in small baking paper candy cases like these ones, but I wanted to use some muffins cups I'd bought a while back.
  • If you can use freshly grated coconut.
  • There is no need to sprinkle coconut on top of them, they have plenty. I did that just to dress them up for my Easter table.

Are you ready for the simplest and most delicious treat?

Mini Coconut and Cheese Cake - Bombocado
Makes 10 when using muffin cases

♥ 1 can sweetened condensed milk
♥ 225 grs unsweetened coconut
♥ 65 grs grated parmesan cheese
♥ 4 egg yolks

Preheat oven to 310F. Line muffin tray with cases. I used some paper cases and some silicone ones. 

In a blender, beat the egg yolks, add sweetened condensed milk, beat some more. Add the cheese, and last, and gradually, add the coconut.

Place the mixture into the cases, and bake them for about 20 - 25 minutes until lightly golden. 

Use the toothpick method to check whether they are done. If after 25 min they are still not ready, turn the oven off, and let them finish cooking inside of it, but keep one eye on them, they should not get brown.

Place them on a rack to completely cool off.

Is there any of that coconut thing left? Brady asked me after dinner.

I smiled.

He rarely eats sweets after dinner. I think it was love at first bite.


  1. Regina,quanta delicadeza. .. Lindo,delicioso e suave. .. E mais uma vez,preciso ressaltar a lindeza que são essas forminhas e acessórios, as cores e padronagens,sem falar da qualidade do produto,apaixonante!
    Querida,feliz final de semana, beijinhos, Katia.

  2. This seems incredibly tasty cakes. Decorations and presentation is so sweet:)) Spring like color and pastel. Happy weekend Regina:)

  3. Que lindos e delicados.Além de ótimos, enfeitam a mesa de Páscoa! bjs, chica

  4. How beautiful.... I love your all recipies.
    Happy new week dear Regina...

  5. Hummmmm, que delicia! Fiquei com água na boca e me lembrei de minha avó. Ela fazia também bolo de bombocado com mandioca, fica divino! Não aprendi a fazer , mas ia mandioca crua ralada na massa (sei porque ela me punha pra ralar, rsrsrsrsr). Bjs e tenha uma doce semana!

  6. Unfortunately, I can comment that you left suddenly deleted :( Thank you very much. Nice comments and support me very happy:) Happy to spend a week with the wishes:)

  7. Parece que dá até pra sentir o cheirinho! Delícia! As decorações estão lindas!
    Bom te encontrar de novo, querida!
    Le Paquet

  8. Hi Regina, I absolutely love coconut, just not sure I will be able to get fresh coconut in England! The cakes looks very moist and delicious! I mostly read your blog on Bloglovin, but then I forget I can't comment unless I actually go onto your blog...wishing you a lovely week. Sharon x

  9. How adorable! I absolutely love these mini cheesecakes! Sounds like a perfect Easter dessert!
    Thanks for your comment!I just realized that I posted only one photo of pasta. Quickly changed that, so if you wish, you can see the rest of pasta pictures :)

  10. I love the coconut and I think that will make them ! Your photos are so beautiful and the way they present your cake is so delicious ... congratulations Regina !
    A hug .

  11. So nice photos and beautiful cakes ! Thank for the recipes !

  12. I love coconut flavored baked items, let it be cookie, muffins, cakes or anything else, they cannot go wrong, This dessert sounds very delicious!!

  13. They look delicious!