April 29, 2015

I see beauty around me

Hello friends! Apologies for my prolonged silence, I have been busy these past couple of weeks. Spring is here, and with it lots of work preparing my home to finally breath some fresh air again, raking up the leaves, and soon get back to enjoy my backyard.

I always have flowers at home, even when it's cold outside. Sometimes I buy from a local flower shop, sometimes from a grocery store. To me flowers are special, they bring joy to my life, and I am thankful for that, so I take good care of them, and try to keep them around as much as possible.

These flowers were a gift from my husband. He gave them to me on my birthday, April 18th, when I took this picture.

Cut flowers can be expensive, and without proper care, they will wilt or die quickly, throwing all of your money away. Here is what I do to keep them around as long as possible.

Before placing them in a vase I remove all the leaves that would be touching the water. Depending on the flowers, some are more thirsty than others, I change the water every other day.  Once I remove them from the water, I trim the stems in an angle before placing them back in cool water.

In this process of cutting back the stems, removing leaves and flowers that have died, the bouquet starts to change, and so does the way I display the flowers.

This second picture was taken today, eleven days after I got my birthday bouquet. Some of the flowers and foliage were not looking good anymore, but some were still majestic, so using bottles and jars as vases I created a simpler, yet as beautiful, flower display.

I like to experimenting when arranging flowers, mixing small and big ones, along with some foliage for added texture and beauty. Sometimes I will use cups, mugs and bowls as vases. I believe everything that can hold water can also hold flowers. There are no set in stone rules when it comes to flower arranging, just go with your instinct and enjoy the moment.


  1. Mesmo atrasada, meus parabéns e desejos de felicidades sempre! Lindas flores e duraram bastante! bjs, chica

  2. Minha querida!
    Muitas felicidades e vida muito feliz,sempre. ...Espero que seu dia tenha sido muito especial,carinho e mimo do marido com essas flores lindas ,já dão uma mostra do quanto foi bom... Eu amo flores! Prefiro tê-las em vasos ou plantadas no chão, mas um belo buquê de vez em quando, é muito bem vindo! A durabilidade depende de cada espécie, mas amor,carinho e cuidado,fazem toda diferença. ...Bela maneira de arrumá-las!
    Um beijinho,bom trabalho,Katia.

  3. I love flowers and gardening. Its finally getting little warm here and we can see the sunshine. I have to start the yard work soon.

  4. Regina, darling, parabéns! Que seu novo ano de vida seja de alegres surpresas, saúde, aprendizado através de situações fáceis. Sim! Flores são lindas, também tenho cuidados parecidos com os seus para preservá-las o máximo possível. Beijos!

  5. A belated Happy Birthday to you Regina...wishing you love joy health and happiness this coming year! I too love flowers...they are quite expensive here in the UK, so I buy mostly from my local grocery store who stock really reasonable flowers and I also treat my flowers the same as you, removing the green leaves that might touch the water and whatever stems are still living and worth keeping, I put them into tiny bottles....seems like great minds think alike Regina! Wishing you a lovely Sunday! Sharon x

  6. Happy Birthday, dear! Be always happy and healthy! May all your wishes come true <3

  7. I love flowers and see beauty around all your posts!

  8. Lindas flores em imagens maravilhosas. Parabéns, querida Regina pelo aniversário, ainda que beeem atrasada. Parabéns pelo lindo blog e pela fotografia.

    Beijo grande!
    abraço forte!

  9. Beautiful flower bouquet. All flowers are looking glorious. Recently my friend came at my place for dinner. She bought gorgeous flowers for me from Flower Delivery NYC. They were so beautiful and attractive.