May 15, 2015

Cooling off in a summer day in the middle of May with a Watermelon, Raspberry, Lime Juice

Nothing is more refreshing in the summer than a fresh and cold fruit drink. Oh wait, it's not summer yet! Well, but that's how it felt  from last Sunday through Tuesday, gorgeous and warm hot summer days.

We'd been working hard in our yard. I woke up with the birds, so I started early in the morning and by midday I was ready to relax in the deck and watch Brady still working under that hot sun.
I could see he was happy doing a lot of outdoor work, but he looked exhausted, covered in sweat, and he was starting getting red!

"Perhaps I should give him something cold to drink", I thought. I went inside looking for something and saw some fruits I had bought the day before, they were perfect for a refreshing and healthy juice to cool him off - watermelon, raspberry and lime.

Watermelon, Raspberry & Lime Juice

2 cups diced watermelon
1 handful of raspberries
♥ juice of 2 small limes - freshly squeezed
♥ sugar, syrup, or honey to taste

Simply combine the watermelon cubes, lemon juice,  raspberries and ice in a blender and give it a whirl to create a  slushy puree.

It's best to use seedless watermelon so you don't have to de-seeding it. The watermelon I used had seeds and I couldn't get rid of all of them, but I didn't mind, I like fruit juices with texture, with body, not to miss any of their flavors and nutrients, so I didn't strain the puree to remove any pulp. Also, I never sweeten my fruit juices, but again, this is a personal preference.

"What is that?" Brady asked me when I offered the juice to him. "It's a refreshing and nutritious juice, try it", I told him. "Yum, this is good!", he murmured after the first sip. "Can I have some more? This is what I needed!"

Besides being a delicious, sweet, tasty fruit, watermelon is incredibly healthy! It not only boosts your 'health esteem', but is has excellent levels of vitamins. To learn more about the health benefits of watermelon please check out this amazing article written by Helen Nichols.


  1. Adorei as fotos bem feitas, flores e suco! Lindo fim de semana! bjs, chica

  2. Li agorinha lá e te dou a maior força pra voltar pra Casa de Retalhos! Darás conta de 2 blogs, com certeza! Vai firme! bjs, chica

  3. Hello Regina! How are you! I love your photos....The juice looks awesome too!

  4. Hello dear Regina, looks like a deliciously cooling drink on a hot day! We also spent the weekend in the sunshine helping my daughter create a garden, a lot of work! A blog post coming up shortly on that. Hope you are keeping well. Sharon x

  5. Perfect juice for the sunny days!! I started cleaning up my garden. It was mixed weather here for the last couple of weeks, so just trying to get the yard work done before Memorial day weekend.

  6. Hummm, parece muito bom e gostoso! Uma boa semana para você, beijos!

  7. Olá Regina! As fotos estão belíssimas. O suco parece delicioso também, rs
    Bjs :)

  8. Oi, Regina,

    Mudei a plataforma do meu blog Céu Bordado. Agora é:

    Se puder, visite! Tem post nove!