June 14, 2015

For the love of handmade & homemade

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind. Long and warm days make me feel like enjoying the outdoors. Photographing nature, gardening, long walks in beautiful paths, gathering with friends, cold beer, sunbathing...

Meanwhile, I flew to Portugal for a food styling and photography workshop. It was my first time in that county, where I stayed for a week. I'll make a post able this memorable trip, but not now. First things first, and by this I mean share with you a very cool project by dear Claire from Heart Handmade UK, a free Summer Craft online magazine, in which I have the pleasure to be one of the contributors.

I was not sure how I could contribute to this awesome magazine, but quite frankly, I was excited to be part of this project along with so many talented and inspiring ladies, including my dearest blogger friends, Ayda, from Cafe noHut, and Sibel, from Turuncu oda.

There are a huge range of projects in the magazine, like sewing, crochet, papercrafts, scrapbook, rubber stamping and recipes.

I contributed with two recipes - a yummy and healthy Coconut Milk, Chia and Raspberry Pudding, and a refreshingly delicious Pineapple & Mint Juice. I cooked, styled, and photographed this Summer Feast.

So if you want a relaxing and creative me time, just download your free magazine here and get inspired!


  1. Que lindo, tudo no capricho e bem colorido, feito com amor! bjs, chica

  2. Muito lindo, Regina!

    Que maravilhoso... Eu amo Portugal.
    As imagens estão perfeitas, deliciosas.

    Beijo grande

  3. Maravilhoso trabalho o seu! Adorei a revista.

  4. Como eu te falei quando vi a revista, essas fotos estão maravilhosas! Dá vontade de pular dentro das fotos e participar dessa festa ensolarada!

  5. Oh my word Regina, you are becoming famous! What a pretty colourful table, especially like those straws and all the glassware and I fancy one of those little tartlets if you don't mind! Have a lovely week!

  6. wow! You're becoming popular! Congratulations! I love your colorful table! Looks so summery and happy! I love it! Have a wonderful Friday!