September 2, 2015

Back to basics - A simple summer Salad

One of the reasons I enjoy summertime so much it's because it allows me to experiment with fresh foods I buy directly from farmers, or are from my own garden. They are not only beautiful and vibrant, but also delicious and healthy, like this simple and colorful salad.

The idea of eating flowers never crossed my mind before, not that I lack cooking imagination, or anything of the kind, but because having flowers around me causes a shift in my mood, giving me a feeling of wonderment and peace, and I've preferred admiring them than eaten them.

However, as my palate has evolved and my desire to experiment in the kitchen has broadened, I decided to use a few edible flowers and fruits I have in my garden to add a lovely touch to my salad.

I paired the sweeteness of gorgeous strawberries, the mild and fresh flavor of lovely pansies with the peppery taste of vibrant nasturtiums with arugula, radish and boiled egg. Did it work? Probably so, as I prepared this salad twice last week.

When I look at radishes I  keep wondering how delicious and vibrant in color they are, and like gorgeous-looking strawberries, they simply inspire me to photograph them, again and again...

The beauty of this salad is in the freshness of the ingredients, and that's the idea - use ingredients that are local and fresh, ingredients that are your favorites. Salads are such a venue of creativity, have fun while creating your own.

This is a dish full of vitaminstastecolor and texture, it's a simple salad you will want to eat over and over again. 

Summer Salad

♥ radish
♥ boiled egg
♥ strawberry
♥ nasturtium
♥ pansies & herbs you have handy
♥ olive oil, lime juice, salt & ground pepper

Toss all salad ingredients together, add a drizzle of olive oil, salt, freshly ground pepper and freshly squeezed lime (or lemon if you prefer) juice, sprinkle all fresh herbs you have handy. Taste and adjust seasonings to your liking.

This salad gets better as it sits and the flavors mesh together, so if you can, let it chill for a few minutes before enjoy it.


  1. Lindíssima, saudável e colorida! Adorei! bjs, chica

  2. Que belo, Regina! Cores de verão!
    Que fotos! Ao ver os rabanetes e os morangos, penso em tocá-los, como se estivessem em cima de minha mesa. Deliciosa salada!

    Amo vir aqui!
    Beijo no coração

  3. Your photos are simple amazing and Salad looks so so soo delicious:))
    Happy weekend dear Regina...

  4. Hello dear Regina, your photographs really sing of summer and delicious fruits and vegetable salads! Unfortunately here in England, we've had a rather wet and slightly grey summer with only a few days of really good sunshine in between. I'm now looking forward to Autumn, my favourite season for hearty vegetable soups! Have a lovely sunny weekend ! Sharon x

  5. Oi, Regina! Eu adoro saladas bem coloridas! Vou pegando tudo que vejo pela frente e misturando. Não sou muito fã de rabanete, mas o resto, devoro tudo! Suas fotos estão cada dia mais lindas! É uma festa para os olhos vir aqui!

  6. Eating flowers sounds like a great idea! Love this bright and colorful salad! Pinned!

  7. Como é reconfortante chegar aqui e ver que, após tanto tempo, suas fotos estão ainda melhores. Que cada imagem reflete o seu carinho e sensibilidade.
    Precisamos nos falar. Nos próximos fins de semana vou viajar e na volta entro em contato para marcarmos um horário.