September 13, 2015

Farewell to Summer

"It's a smile, it's a kiss, it's a sip of wine... it's summertime!"
                                         Kenny Chesney

I'm lucky enough to live in an area teeming with farmer's markets and small farms, and not to sound corny but it feels so good to live surrounded by such beautiful landscape.

Early mornings, I like to find a special area for a walk, a place where I can appreciate the beauty of this season that soon will be gone.

Sweet pea anyone?

Saturday mornings are specially good when I go to a farmer market and stroll around from one stand to the next one looking at fresh vegetables and fruits. The beautiful produce inspire me so much that sometimes I end up coming back home with more than I had planned to buy.

There is something about strolling around farmer markets that just puts on a smile on my face, the colors, the textures, the aromas...

I see myself surrounded by vibrant colors, not only colorful vegetables and fruits but also gourgeous flower bouquets, an incredible patchwork of late summer bright colors.

Fresh produce and gorgeous-looking fruits. Long walks in lush green pastures.

Birds singing cheerfully. Warm balmy days. Blisfully blue skies. Moist and humid air.

Sitting at the shade of a tree. Watch the clouds floating across the sky.

Cut-grass smell in the air. Mouthwatering treats at picnics. Homemade ice cream.

Sun bathing with friends drinking cold beer.

The smell and sound of rain falling down.

Unforgetable Summer memories.

Brady enjoying a coconut and lemongrass ice cream @ the farmer's market in Great Barrington, MA. The combination of coconut and lemongrass is so good and unique that I want to try and make my own following the steps of this recipe.


  1. Quanta beleza nesse teu post!Adorei cada foto! Lindas! bjs, chica e ótima semana!

  2. Nossa quanta beleza a quanto colorido adorei a ideia das taquaras pintadas estou cultivando tomates e sempre tem que usar algo para sustentação vou copiar.Beijos beijos boa semana.

    1. Bom dia Andréa, tudo bem?

      As taquaras pintadas são lindas mesmo, não são? Ainda mais com as florzinhas das ervilhas.

      Bom ter você aqui :)

      Um belo dia pra você.

  3. Hello Regina, looks like bliss! Beautiful photographs, really bright and sunny, just like summer. I also love walking around farmers markets and picking up home grown veg I don't usually buy at the supermarket. Also love browsing vintage markets for some interesting vintage finds. Have a lovely week. Sharon x

  4. Quantas imagens lindas.amei cada registro.Bjs

  5. Oi, Regina! Eu também adoro mercados desse tipo! Suas fotos estão maravilhosas, como sempre, e nos trazem mesmo a sensação desses últimos dias quentes! Fiquei curiosa com essa combinação do sorvete! Deve ser deliciosa!

  6. Lindas, lindas as fotos, Regina!


  7. wow! these photos.... I miss nature, I miss summer.... I spent my free days in NYC, and feel a little bit tired of the city..Have a lovely weekend!

  8. It´s not summer in Brazil yet. but I miss this season! Taking a look ato your pics I felt like living in a small city, full of nature and beautiful view. Andréia

  9. que fotos fantásticas com cores tão vibrantes, Regina. Soube-me tão bem passar por aqui. beijo. Isabel Maria