October 6, 2015

Simple Orange & Mint Macerated Berries

Summer has slowly faded away, crisp air, chilly mornings, the leaves are burning up in reds, oranges and yellows, time for sweaters and boots, but... look at these gorgeous-looking strawberries. I took this picture on September 29! 

I bought this pot in an organic farm in the middle of Spring, I was told to keep it in a sunny spot, but it was doing very poorly. About a month and a half ago I placed it in an area where it would get just the morning sun, and now look at this beauty, it keeps blooming even tough it should be gone by now.

So I had to do it again, I had to take more pictures of them. 

I hope you love them as much I do because I feel I am on a real fresh strawberry mood

I was surprised, however, how juicy and sweet and flavorful they still were, so I decided to prepare them in a simple and light way - I made an Orange and Mint Macerated Berries, where my homegrown strawberries were the star, and had it over homemade yogurt for breakfast, just because I never get tired of strawberries!

Orange & Mint Macerated Berries

♥ Fresh strawberries, raspberries and blueberries
♥ orange zest
♥ orange juice
♥ brown sugar
♥ some fresh mint leaves

Cut half of the berries in half. Place whole berries and berry halves in a bowl,
add orange juice,
add brown sugar,
add orange zest - do not add much otherwise it will be bitter,
add some mint leaves

Cover and chill for about an hour. Before serving remove the mint leaves.

A deliciously easy and healthy way to satisfy any sweet tooth.


  1. What a great idea! Adoro iogurte com frutas pela manhã e adorei essa maneira de dar um up na combinação. Pena que não tenho esses morangos maravilhosos colhidos no jardim!

  2. Estou com saudades. Estou precisando entrar em contato com você, mas estou correndo tanto atrás do tempo perdido... e ele insiste em esconder de mim as horas e só me concede alguns minutos. Tudo está passando tão rápido - aqui já encontro vitrines decoradas para o Natal - que às vezes eu fico assustada. Um grande abraço e fiquei com vontade de comer estas frutas.

  3. Amo morangos! A sugestão de receita parece deliciosa!

  4. Love it with angel food cake. I just to a meeting in a house of an elderly lady in the country and she makes her own angel food cake by hand, nothing from a box!!!! She served with macerated strawberries...she added a few haspeberries as well. Delicious!! People in the country here really makes these foods that I have no idea how to make.

  5. Os morangos, por si só, já estão irresistíveis... imagina com iogurte e os outros ingredientes.

    Obrigada pela receita.

    Beijo grande