December 3, 2015

DIY Easy Candle Holder

I love DIY projects, to me it's a fun way to boost my creativity and to relax as well. When I am creating a project I am actively focusing on the present moment, nothing disturbs me.

Maybe that's the reason my DIY projects are simple and easy to make, nothing stressful, or complicated, like this cute idea for a cute candle holder.

I like petite things, and when I saw some jewelry dishes at a thrift store, I did not resist and took them home with me. I could have used them as they are meant to be used, but I did not. I had another purpose for them, I decided to use them as candle holders.

  • Cut a piece of tape to fit around the tin case
  • Simply wrap the tape around the tin case. 
  • Glue the wrapped tin case in the center of the dish - use a strong glue (I used E600)
  • Let the glue dry completely before placing the candle in the holder
  • Finish by adding some beads around the candle for a neat look

Candles are a wonderful way to add atmosphere to any ambient, so grab your craft on and make this easy peasy candle holder for your table this holiday season.


  1. Quanta delicadeza! Gosto muito dos teus trabalhos, são muito lindos e ao mesmo tempo, fáceis de fazer, com materiais bem acessíveis! Parabéns!!! Beijos! Sandra

    1. You are so sweet dear Sandra. Oooppss! Desculpa, força do hábito :)

      Muito obrigada querida, saudades do 'nosso tempo' na Casa de Retalhos.

      Como vai você, tudo bem?

      Abraços e carinho pra você.

  2. A great job! It looks so pretty!! Love the gentle pink of the candles.

    1. Thank you so much dear Angela.

      How is everything? Too cold there? We are having a very mild weather here in CT.

      Have a blessed week my friend.