December 18, 2015

DIY Two-Color Tassel Gift Tag

Ez Pudewa, with her blog Comfort Creatures, was one of the first creative ladies that got me hook up on the internet some years ago. Unfortunately, that blog no longer exists. She moved on.
One of her diy projects that I remember, and like very much, is the one that shows how to use two tassels to make gift tags.

The simplest way to make a mini tassel is to fold the skein of embroidery floss in half, cut it in the middle, tie a tight knot from the folded end and remove the label wraps from the thread. Well, maybe you can do that, I can not. I tried this way but the threads would get all tangled, and I saw myself using my hands and teeth trying to keep it straight. So frustrating.

Looking around I saw a pen, and had the idea to use it to help me keep the threads together. So here is my way to make gift tags using two tassels.

You will need:
  • Embroidery threads (3 different colors for each gift tag)
  • Scissors
  • Pen, or pencial
  • Ribbon, or twine
  • Embellishments (optional)

Choose two shades of a color to make your tassel, and work one embroidery floss at a time.
Start by folding one of skein of embroidery floss in half. Loop both ends in the pen, keep the label wraps close to the pen, and cut the skein in the middle.

Before removing the label wraps, tie both ends together in a not too tight knot to create the loop of your tassel. Work the same way with the other embroidery floss.

Place both thread bunds together and use a long length of contrasting embroidery floss color to wrap them together in a tight knot. Now you have a two-color tassel. Remove it from the pen. if needed, trim the ends.

Attach a ribbon, or twine, to your two-color tassel so you can tie it to your gift. Add some embellishment to it to make it look more festive and tuck it under the tree. Cute right?


  1. Simplesmente bom gosto. Lindo!

    1. Muito obrigada querida Alessandra.

      Beijos, e uma ótima semana pra você.