April 29, 2016

Think outside the vase

No, definitely I did not planned it, but here I am, exactly a year later writing a post about the same thing, flowers. You see, it was my birthday again, and again my husband brought me flowers, not that he brings me flowers only on my birthdays, no, definitely not. 

He knows better, 

he knows how happy I feel when, unexpectedely, 

he gets home with the most beautiful flowers

You know my flower arrangements keep changing as I try to keep flowers around as long as possible, no need to buy new ones every week, yet always having flowers on display. 

This time, however, I had a small challenge to create a new lovely, long-lasting arrangement from my birthday flowers by simply following my system of cutting back the stems and removing leaves and flowers that have already died. The problem?  The flowers were placed in a basket, and to fit in the basket the stems were cut so short... 

What did I do? You know I always have some tin cans saved to reuse them in some other creative ways, and that's what I did. I used them to hold small bouquets with just a few blossoms in each one. The effect was a fresh, floral feeling all around the house, like this one I placed in the guest bathroom.

The old maxim 'less is more' is especially true when we place a big bloom alone in a small container.

You don't need to fuss with your flowers, just let their natural curves and tilts make the display look casual and cool.

How cute. Now I'm definitely feeling Springy!

When I did not have any more small tin can left, I used a small enamel cup my mother gave to me. Perfect on my nightstand.

Yes,  these are easy and budget-friendly ways to decorate and have flowers displayed at home. The key is to get creative and find simple, yet unique ways to add beauty and life to any space with fresh blooms, but mostly have fun while doing it.


  1. Hi Regina:)
    Oh what a lovely birthday post:) Happy Birthday!!!

    It is a cloudy rainy day here in PA and your flower arrangements have added a touch of Spring to an otherwise bleak day.

    How sweet of your husband to bring home flowers for you to "play" with:) I love how you have created little bouquets of smiles. I have a habit of putting them in smaller containers too so each nook in the house has a touch of brightness. The cans are a wonderful idea. Now I have the urge to go buy some house flowers as the garden is just not ready for picking yet:)

    Thanks for sharing, Regina...Happy Spring!!!

  2. Beautiful flowers!!! Loooove flowers, and you did a great job with the photography!

  3. Oi Regina
    Parabéns, muitas felicidades, flores maravilhosas você ganhou, e distribui-as muito bem por várias peças.

  4. Oi Regina, tudo bom?

    Como vc. está?, faz tempo que não conversamos, dê notícias.

    Quanto as flores ... LINDAS!!!

    Beijos e ótimo final de semana a vc. e marido


    1. Tudo bem por aqui querida Audeni. Precisamos conversar sim.


  5. Happy Birthday Regina! Love the flowers! I do the same as you, I pick out the ones that have died, cut them shorter and prop them in a different vase or jar to look pretty a little while longer! Great post! Happy week for you! Sharon x

  6. Oi? Um feliz aniversário, atrasado... mas, de coração! Isso é que dá demorar a visitar as amigas, né? As flores são lindas! E os arranjos bem legais! Beijos!

  7. Ai que lindo, Regina. As suas fotos encantam-me sempre, bem como a sua sensibilidade. Fico rendida e tão inspirada para ir fazer já os arranjos florais que conseguir! :) Beijos floridos.

  8. Regina, parabéns!
    Adorei os arranjos singelos. Também vou mudando tudo aqui em casa, reaproveitando cada flor.