July 14, 2016

A morning walk and the simplicity of an omelet

Last week, after so many cold and wet days, we finally had the perfect Spring weekend, cool early morning misty, late morning sunny. Such a pleasant weather!

I left early in the morning for a walk in the neighborhood. Quietness, broken only by the chirp-chirp of birds and the patter of squirrels.

How magical that morning was, the fog and sunrise quietly moving together. It was the loveliest of Spring days.

On my walk back home, I stopped by my friend's home, Lucia, who kindly went to her garden and picked some organic asparagus and collected some eggs to give to me.

Brady smiled when he saw me getting back home with a basket filled with asparagus and eggs, he knew it was a gift from our friends as every year they share some of their produce with us.

The next morning, I made this delicious baked asparagus omelet. Oh it tasted so rich, the distinctive sweetness of the asparagus was a good complement to the eggs. 

This decidedly has become a favorite omelet of mine.

It's nutritious,

It's flavorful,

and remarkably simple to make!

A tasty breakfast, Spring brunch, or light supper in no time, this omelet is baked individually so it is easy to serve.

Baked Asparagus Omelet
Makes about 5 quinch dishes

♥ 4 eggs
♥ 8 green asparagus, snipped
♥ 4 tbsp heavy cream
♥ Havarti cheese, cubed
♥ green onions, to taste
♥ sea salt and black pepper, freshly ground is better
♥ grated Parmesan, to taste
♥ butter - to coat the dish(s)

Preheat oven to 350F. Grease the dishes with butter, and set them in a baking pan just big enough to hold them.

In a bowl, beat the eggs with the heavy cream until smooth.

Stir in the green onions, and season with salt and black pepper.

Divide mixture between prepared dishes, top each one with the asparagus and cubed cheese.

Sprinkle with grated cheese.

Bake the omelets, uncovered,  for about 20 minutes, until puffed and gold.

Tips: use the herbs of your choice or/and  the ones you have handy; the same goes for the cheeses - Gruyère, Feta, grated Cheddar, or Pecorino, are great choices as well.


  1. Oh Regina, you have captured the essence of a beautiful Spring Day. Thank you so much for letting us tag-a-long:)

    How delightful to have neighbors who share their bounty. Your Baked Asparagus Omelet sings Spring! Thank you for sharing, Regina...

  2. Hello Regina, what a beautiful neighbourhood and lovely spring blossoms on the trees. My daughter and partner are coming for breakfast tomorrow and she has suggested I make omelettes...this sounds perfect! Off to buy asparagus now! Happy bank holiday weekend! Sharon x

  3. Que maravilha de lugar, querida Regina. Poderia muito bem ser a paisagem de um filme.
    Quanto à omelete, é irresistível!
    Essa combinação de ovos com espargos é sublime.
    Os seus posts são invariavelmente um cântico à beleza, harmonia e perfeição.
    Não perco nenhuma das suas postagens.
    Fique bem.

  4. Olá Regina
    Que fotos maravilhosas, estou encantada, você é ótima com fotografias.
    E que presente gostoso você ganhou, ovos caipiras e aspargos da plantação da sua amiga, que se transformaram num delicioso e lindo omelete.
    Um beijo

  5. Beautiful place where you live Regina. The omelet looks yummy! It must be so nice to be able to keep some chicken. I live in a tiny town, population 100 but the city ordinance prohibits animals like chickens. Sad! Thank you for the beautiful post!

  6. Não consigo encontrar palavras que encaixem naquilo que gostaria de dizer para descrever o que sinto ao visitar este lugar virtual. Lindo demais, tudo!

  7. Stunning place!

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  8. Regina, these are beautiful pictures. Love the Pink and White blossom trees. And the baked asparagus omelet looks delicious. I love omelets, they are one of my favorites. :) Thanks for visiting us today.