May 17, 2016

DIY Faux Flower Gift Topper

This DIY is as easy as a DIY can be, it does not require any special skills.

Mind you, a few weeks ago I had a wedding to go, my wedding gift was packed in a big box, and I had a challenge, how to wrap a big box in a special way?  How to personalize it?

I wanted it to have flowers, a nice bouquet, but I was afraid the flowers would not look their best for the entire wedding ceremony and wedding party, that's when I thought of using faux flowers, but how to attach faux flowers on top of my package? That's another challenge, and that's when I thought of using styrofoam.

I had no idea if it would work, but it did work, and I loved how it looked, so much so that last weekend I made another one for another wedding gift - people do like to get married in May!

The final touch to this faux flower bouquet, to give it a more natural and fresh look, is to add some real flowers, flowers that keep looking their best for days, even weeks, without water, like craspedia globosa (billy button) and gypsophila (baby's breath).

You'll need:

This faux flower gift topper is so simple to make that I could not figure out how to take step by step pictures without them coming out looking silly. Basically, believe me, all the steps are shown on the picture below.

How to:
  • Consider the contours of the styrofoam and the pieces you have chosen for your arrangement.
  • Varying heights will give you the most natural looking display. Trim each flower as you go. Don't panic if you dislike how the arrangement is taking shape; simply re-position the flowers until it looks pleasing to you.  Work from the center out
  • For this project, flowers with hard stems are much easier to work with, they do not require a stick to make holes for them, easily they get inserted in the foam, and there is no need to glue them to the foam; on the other hand, flowers with soft stems need to be glued to the foam or they will not stay secured to it.
  • Cover the entire foam, including the sides, with flowers.
  •  Use small faux flowers and some natural flowers to both fill in any gaps and also to add movement and expression to your arrangement until it looks lush.
  • To attach the flower arrangement on the gift box, spread glue under the styrofoam using the foam brush and hold it firmly for a few seconds.

If you feel inspired to try and make this easy as a pie DIY, please let me know. I would love to see how you would customize your own faux flower gift topper .


  1. Lindo e bem mostrado! *Um beijo, tudo de bom,chica

  2. Wow, it looks so pretty! Creative Blessings, Tracy x

  3. Hello dear Regina, this is such a good idea, and so beautiful as well! Have a lovely week. It's raining here wet and windy. Sharon x

  4. That is a gorgeous flower arrangement!! It makes the gift so much more special. I will keep that in mind for the future however I am not very talented for some crafts. Thanks for sharing this great idea Regina.

  5. Oi Regina
    Certamente receber um presente com este arranjo de flores tão lindo é muito mais prazeroso, sem falar que são dois presentes que a pessoa recebe.
    Muito belo.
    Um beijo

  6. Hi Regina:)
    Well, aren't you the clever one lol:) What a great idea and so lovely especially for a wedding. I'm sure I would have a difficult time attempting this on my own but, I sure would be willing to give it a try in a pinch!

    Thank you so much for sharing, Regina...

  7. Oi Regina,
    Faz tempo que não passeio por aqui, e fiquei encantada com a postagem de hoje! Nao tem como nao agradar oferecendo um presente arrematado com esse arranjo de flores tão caprichado!
    Obrigada pelo DIY.

  8. Nossa que lindos presentes! Ideias geniais! Abraço

  9. Olá, Regina! tudo bem,amiga?
    Adorei sua visita lá no blog ... como é bom retornar aqui, fiz um passeio por vários posts e estou me sentindo leve e inspirada com tantas ideias e cores lindas.