June 3, 2016

A quiet start for a new day

If you read my posts, you know how much I nourish my mornings, specially at this time of the year when I wake up with the singing of the birds, have a cup of coffee, and stroll through my garden. Finally, flowers are everywhere.

Every time I wonder through my garden it's like the first time, every time there is something happening, there is something new. I feel absolute in awe of each flower, each petal... their colors, shapes, textures, and their fragrances. It takes my breath away. They calm my soul and nourish my spirit.

These wonderful silent mornings draw me in to be still, to observe, to smell, to listen carefully...

Morning vibes... serene and bright.

Have a lovely weekend guys. Wish you moments filled with joy and laughter.


  1. Good morning Regina, beautiful flowers in your lovely garden. How lovely to be able to take a stroll through it in the mornings, coffee in hand...enjoy the weekend. Sharon x

  2. Regina, querida!

    Que imagens mais lindas.
    Há tanta poesia em cada palavra... identifico-me um pouco com o que você escreveu.
    Eu amo as manhãs também e a sua serenidade, os aromas e as cores.
    A primavera nos faz tão bem, ou?

    Lindo post!

    Beijo grande

  3. Flores maravilhosas,adorei! Lindo fds! bjs, chica

  4. Hi Regina,
    My garden is just beginning to blossom. The peonies are budding and their fragrance greets me in the morning as I too stroll with my morning coffee:)

    Your garden is looking lovely, Regina...cherish every breath:)

    Thank you so much for sharing, Regina...

  5. Hi Regina
    I loved your flowers, so beautiful.
    Kisses for you.

  6. Bom dia, querida Regina!
    As imagens são magníficas. Acredito que encham de paz a sua alma sempre que as contempla.
    Bom fim de semana!

  7. I feel just the same, mornings in the garden are the best start of the day! Have a lovely weekend too, Anita xx

  8. Quiet morenings are special, aren't they!? I love them too! P.S. Beautiful photograps!!

  9. lindos amores perfeitos lilases. Lindíssimas fotos.