June 26, 2016

Urban Jungle Bloggers - One Plant and Three Stylings

Sometines I feel like the White Rabbit  muttering "Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late"... The Urban Jungle Blogger's topic for this month was published on June 23rd, and here I am, late again.

I think it's such a cool idea to be challenged to create a visual styling based on a topic they come up with. I wish I could organized my time better so I would participate on all of their topics, and publish them on time.

This month's topic is One Plant - Three Stylings. The idea is to show three different stylings using the same plant. I picked the lovely String of Pearls. I think I owe it to it.

Not too long ago, my String of Pearls looked  like this, remember? Well, with my need to keep moving things around, I placed it in the guess room, and guess what? I forgot about it. Yes, I must confess, I always killed this adorable plant, and I felt terrible. 

To revive my near-dead plant, I replanted its bits & pieces in two simple clay potes and placed them on Ikea plant pot holders. I keep them on the kitchen cupboard together with other small succulents and my precious pink bell-shaped violet. How do I call this styling? I call it homey styling.

My second styling couldn't be easier - Breakfast outside!

At this time of the year, Brady and I try and have most of our meals outside, especially breakfast on weekends.

For this styling I chose to keep the clay pots bare, and placed the pots on a wood tray. I think it goes well with the natural landscape.

My third styling was a request from Brady to bring more green to our home office. This is a corner of our home office,  and here the plant pot holders looked more suitable than the bare clay pots.

I hope you feel inspired and join the fun at Urban Jungle Bloggers.


  1. Oi Regina
    Meu inglês está bem enferrujado, mas pelo que entendi você colocou sua adorável colar de pérolas em três lugares diferentes e com arranjos variados. Eu gostei de todos pois sou apaixonada por esta suculenta, tenho uma que não vai pra frente, cresce a passo de tartaruga. Quem sabe você não me diz como fazer para a minha ficar tão lindinha como a sua.

  2. Que lindas fotos,Regina!Adorei! Linda semana! bjs, chica

  3. Hello Regina, what a cute little plant, I love the pearls, I shall have to look for one here in the UK. Delightful and I just loved your IG pic this morning! Very bright and cheerful. Hugs Sharon x

  4. I love your stylings, and the sweet little plant - and the light in your first picture is just perfect. Thank you for your nice words, and you've got a beautiful little oasis here, too!

  5. Que belo arranjo, amei essa planta de bolinhas.
    Tenha uma ótima semana.

  6. A natureza é tão incrível, né? Mesmo uma planta tão singela pode trazer tanta vida a ambientes tão diferentes. Tudo lindo, Regina!

  7. Hi Regina,
    I love the String of pearls (my own plant unfortunately died a few weeks ago, i'm not so good with plants i have to admit) an i love your three styling ideas. The one i like most is the plant on your breakfast table outside. Such a great idea.
    Enjoy your weekend,

  8. Regina, amiga!

    Colar de pérolas! Eu não sabia que esta planta se chamava assim. E que lindo nome, combina perfeitamente - pérolas verdes. Todos os arranjos estão perfeitos, amiga!

    Amo sua fotografia! 💛💚

  9. Hi Regina! You have lovely plants. You do have a green thumb. I tend to forget to water my indoor plants. :( Oh an update on my issue with lymph nodes. The doctor let me go without a biopsy. He thinks this will be fine. So for now I am Ok. I thank God of course. Hope Summer is going great for you!!