August 30, 2016

Gratitude and an Eggplant Appetizer Recipe

Late Summer
Early mornings. Blue skies.
Cheerful birds. Colorful flowers.
Scortching sun. Stifling humidity.
Binge on ice cream.
Cold, freshly squeezed orange juice.
Over-heated look.
Incessant air-conditioner noise.
Scaring thunderstormes. Blessed thunderstorms.
Garden work. Freshly picked vegetables.
More garden work.
Light breeze. Pink sunset clouds.Blissful nights.
There is nothing quite like late summer in New England!

It's a love-hate feeling, I love it, but I've been feeling so tired. Gardening helps me to relax, it works like an antidote to the stress of everyday life, but the humidity has been draining my energy.

It's been hot, muggy, steamy even, not easy to be outside watering the landscape and garden twice a day, weeding out and deadheading flowers, yet I feel grateful when I come inside from our garden with a basket filled with gorgeous organic vegetables grown by us.

Brady built three vegetable beds and a raised bed for the herbs. This year, in the vegetable garden we've grown a variety of zucchinis, eggplants, tomatoes, green beans, radishes, and peppers. The potatoes in the picture are from our friend's garden.

The raised bed we keep in the deck, along with some pots where I planted more herbs. To just pop outside the kitchen door and snip off a few sprigs of rosemary, or a handful of scallions is wonderful!

We've had an abundance of vegetables this year, sometimes they seem to get ripe all at once, but before they go bad we share some with our friends and use them to make simple salads and try new recipes, like cooking zucchini blossoms.

Together, we cooked rolled eggplant with ground beef & mozzarella, zucchini chips, Brady's mother classic tomato sauce recipe, my mother's tomato & pepper vinaigrette (yummy!), and last Sunday, when friends came over for a visit, I made this delicious eggplant appetizer.

Eggplant Appetizer

This family's favorite eggplant recipe is the perfect appetizer for a party, or get together. It tastes divine if it is set in the refrigerator for a day, or two, before serving it.

This dish is simpleunforgettable, and bound to please everyone.

 1 large, or 2 medium eggplants
 1 large onion sliced thinly
♥ 10 ounces of pitted and sliced green olives (a little over a handful)
♥ 1 large garlic clove sliced thinly
♥ 1/3 cup olive oil
♥ 3 tbsp white vinegar
♥ parsley & scallion, to taste
♥ salt & freshly ground pepper, to taste

ps.: reduce or increase quantity of ingredients to your taste; this is not a cake so you don't need to be precise.

Rinse, slice and dice the eggplant. Don't peel it.

Place the eggplant, salt, and water in a pot and bring to a boil over medium heat for about 8-10 minutes, or until eggplant is cooked but still firm. Drain it in a strainer and let it cool completely.

Place the boiled eggplant in a bowl and little by little add onion, garlic, olives, parsley and scallion, toss them gently. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Last, add olive oil and vinegar, and toss gently to coat.

Transfer the appetizer to an airtight container, and place it in the refrigerator.

Serve cold, or at room temperature, with pita chips, pita bread, or as a side dish.


  1. Querida Regina, se você soubesse o quanto eu admiro esse seu dia a dia! Deve ser fabuloso viver nesse cantinho do paraiso! E que dizer desses legumes? Coisa mais linda! Adorei a sugestão para servir a beringela, legume de que gosto imenso.

    Quando decidir vir a Portugal conte comigo para todas as dicas. O mesmo se aplica a Espanha que conheço bastante bem. Terei o maior gosto em ajudar e, se vier ao Porto, faço questão absoluta de nos encontrarmos.

    O seu adoravel DIY está na minha lista de projetos a realizar.

    Fique bem, querida.
    Beijinos da Nina

  2. Oi Regina
    Que maravilha seus legumes colhidos no quintal, uma beleza, todos orgânicos, estão de encher os olhos. Posso imaginar o quanto é difícil cultivá-los, o trabalhão que dá.

  3. You've got quite a green thumb Regina. I am truly envious ...