September 28, 2016

And the day started like that...

I guess, sometimes, we don't realize how badly we need to escape from the boring mundane situations of everyday life, and how enjoyable it is to travel, to visit new places, to learn about its history, experience its culture, meet new people, eat different foods, and most of all, spend quality time with the people we love.

A few weeks ago, we drove to Virginia. Brady and I are kind of history buffs on American civil war and colonial history, and for this reason only Virginia seemed the right place to visit, plus it has beaches and gorgeous mountains.

But this story is not a narrative of all the places we visited in Virginia, this is  a photography essay about one morning, the last morning I woke up in Virginia Beach. It was still dark when I got up, grab my camera and head to the beach, alone.

I was photographing every step of the sun rising, but then I stopped, something was happening at that beach. I looked to my right, and saw birds gathering at the pier, in silence.

When the sun rose they all started singing and dancing in the sky, graciously greeting the new day. I was mesmerized. I stopped taking pictures, and became intensely aware of that moment.

It's impossible to put my experience into words, but suffice it to say it was profound. At that moment, my whole reality shifted. I felt whole, complete, blissful, loving, free... part of something larger... at peace.

I had experienced it before, and believe many of you have too, it's when you forget yourself and become what you are aware of, it's when a strong sense of connection among all things on this precious planet takes over us. It's pure bliss.

I know it's up to me to keep that blissful feeling present on my life daily, but while I have not mastered it yet, I am becoming more conscious, calmer, seeking to let go of my fears and negativities

And whenever I fall back and desperately start looking for fulfillment in meaningless things, I can always look back at these pictures to remind me that inner peace is possible despite the outward chaos.

"When you arise in the morning,
think of what a precious privilege
it is to be alive - to breathe, 
to think, to enjoy, to love."
                                           Marcus Aurelius


  1. Maravilhosas fotos,adorei! bjs, chica

  2. Oi Regina
    Que fotos maravilhosas você tirou nesta praia da Virgínia, você é uma ótima fotógrafa, as fotos são profissionais.
    I loved it.

  3. Mesmerizing photos Regina!! I have a deep love for the ocean and other large bodies of water. Interesting enough that we seems to always live inland and far from the sea. The closest we live to the sea was when we lived in Chile and even then we need to travel a bit to get to see the ocean. These photos makes me dream.

  4. Olá Regina, vc é uma pessoa iluminada por conseguir apreciar a grandiosidade e a beleza da natureza. Momentos mágicos que vc viveu, de conexão com o mundo e captou em sua câmera. Um privilégio para nós, com quem vc generosamente partilha as imagens.Beijos e boa semana.

  5. The best sun rise I've ever seen! What an important message!!