September 7, 2016

Those little things... chasing the light

And so enters September... starting to feel like autumn around here...

The light has already changed... a low, softer, slanting light feels the rooms now...

The morning silence is broken only by the chirping and singing of birds, a shy sunlight cast a warm mellow glow through the window and kitchen door, and I can't resist to chase it with my camera...

Enjoying every moment as it passes, enjoying the beauty of everyday things that surrounding me, their shapes, lines, colors as the sunlight shines on them...

Every morning, before breakfast, I wander into my garden... the scent of freshness, the birds singing... 

Every day there is something new unfolding in the garden... new flowers, new weeds (!!!), surprise encounters with the so many creatures that share my garden space... Perks of living away from the city...

This morning, the sun did not shine, it's raining, a slow pace rain... I love the sunshine and I love the grey moodiness of a rainy day, I appreciate what I have...

Time to sit down for breakfast listening to the rhythm of the falling rain... perfect beginning to a new day, I would say.


  1. Que maravilha tudo e adoro perceber as pequenas coisas do nosso dia a dia! bjs, chica

  2. Regina querida, também eu amo o que a vida me oferece!
    Que imagens fantasticas!
    Fico esperando a sua visita. I mean it!
    Muitos beijinhos

  3. Good morning Regina...gosh what beautiful photos, especially the first two, they really do depict September and the soft light. I am reading blogs early to catch up before I go off to work. Have a lovely day. Here in England it is still humid and warm and Autumn seems a long way off. Sharon x

  4. Oi Regina
    Fotos belíssimas, tão bem tiradas, um espetáculo.

  5. Fall is giving signs that it's here also. The temps are cooler and the crickets are singing away outdoors. Beautiful photos!