October 14, 2016

DIY Halloween Party Favors

A friend of mine is planning a Halloween party for her 14 year old daughter and her friends, about 20 kids, and she asked me to come up with some crafts to scare up fun at the party. Here is one of my ideas to delight young Halloween partygoers - a wonderfully ghoulish party favor everyone will want to take home - Spooktacular DIY Halloween Party Favors!

This is a totally affordable and easy do-it-yourself.  Most of the supplies I had on hand, I only had to buy the halloween self-adhesive stickers. The dimensional stickers were on sale at Michaels, the regular ones I bought at a local dolar store.

Tin cans are great for crafts and diy projects, and are virtually free! Always have some stored for future projects, just wash and clean out your food tins when you are finished with them, making sure there is no sharp edges on them.

DIY Halloween Party Favors

You'll need:
  • tin cans
  • spray paint (if it's too cold outside to spray paint, use a foam brush to paint the cans)
  • scrap papers - use two different patterns
  • halloween self-adhesive stickers
  • paper trimmer, or scissors
  • washi tape, or any other decorative tape
  • double-sided tape
  • pencil

How to:

1. Spray paint a can, inside and outside, according to manufacture's instructions, and let it dry completely. The reason to paint it inside and out is not only to have a nice finishing, but to make the bottom and top of the can part of the design, and to get that, the paper colors should contrast with the paint color. 

2. Roll a strip of scrap paper on the tin can, use a pencil to mark the height you want, and cut it to fit; then roll it again around the can to mark the diameter. The paper should be cut about 1/2 inch longer than the can diameter so one end will overlap the other.

3. Place paper wrong side up; adhere double-sided tape along each short end. Align and stick one end to can; carefully, wrap paper around can, then secure the other end. Repeat the same process with the other paper.

4. Add a piece of washi tape, or any other decorative tape, to cover the seam in the back. The last step is to decorate the can using self-adhesive stickers.

And you are done! So simple, so fast!

I hope this quick and stress-free diy helps get you into the spooky and fun spirit of Halloween.

"Trick or Treat!
Give me something sweet to eat,
give me candy, give me cake,
give me something sweet to take!"


  1. You do have talent Regina!!! Looks beautiful. I am sure the kids were delighted to have these treats. I sure would be delighted to bring one home with me.

  2. You are so creative! I had been using Washi tape for our Sunday school crafts since I started following your blog :). I love all your craft ideas. Keep it coming Regina!

  3. These are some great ideas :) I hope you have a wonderful Halloween!!

  4. Dear Regina,
    I am finally done cleaning after coming back from my travels and I am having such a good time catching up on your posts. Your photos are fun and gorgeous. How did you add the text and background to the shots you have in this posts?
    Really nice work. I missed you!