October 7, 2016

Like brushstrokes of watercolor

I had planned for this week to post one of the delicious recipes we've been making using our homegrown tomatoes, yes we picked the last ones last weekend, but it did not happened as I planned, and you know why? Because on my free time I like to follow my heart, I like to do what makes me the most happy, and this morning I just wanted to take pictures of the last summer flowers I picked from my flower garden.

This is a spontaneous flower arrangement, it's not planned at all, some flowers are roadside flowers I picked on my morning walk, the hydrangea, phlox and black-eyed suan I planted myself, and each year it's a joy to see them blooming until late summer, sometimes, like this year, beginning of fall.

I think the result of mixing & matching these flowers in a natural, loose way is unexpectedly pretty. The color palette reminds me of the suble, layered brushstrokes of a watercolor painting, creating a lovely perfect bouquet. Don't you agree?


  1. Oh, I loved your spontaneous flower arrangement! Sometimes it happens in such a way that your instinct on certain things works like magic. I missed visiting your blog. Hope you had a great summer :)

  2. Love these photos! The colors are vibrant and you have a great combination of colors and texture.

  3. Absolutely beautiful Regina! I love the bright colours against the darker background. I've had wifi problems for around 14 days so this is the first time I've been able to get back online. Thankfully the virus is gone and I'm ready to blog again. I'll be going through your blogs soon! Sharon x

  4. lindas fotos e linda jarra com flores. Beijinhos