February 3, 2017

Delicate Doodles by Elisa Aiuti

I believe what is good and beautiful deserves to be in the spotlight, and recently, I realized that I stopped blogging and sharing with you about the things I love and find on sites and other social medias. So today, this space is dedicated to the lovely art of Elisa Aiuti. Take a look...

Elisa, like many of us, has found a way to freely express her creativity online. She works as a nurse, but from a very young age her tool of choice has been a pencil, and whenever she has some free time she likes to spend it creating her simple and fun drawings.

I first came across her art on Instagram and ever since have become a fan of the clean simplicity of her doodles.

Just a simple doodle, a pencil, some pencil shaves, and lots of imagination...

Everyday objects, even food,  their shapes, colors, textures, get a new purpose and meaning.

Elisa explains her creative process: "Creativity has always been a part of my life, as a child, I would spend hours drawing. My artwork has evolved naturally and slowly. I love abstract and fantasy art, all that makes my imagination to fly away. I am inspired by colour and texture, and like to experiment with everyday objects adding them to my drawings to create a unique piece."

To enjoy more of Elisa's drawings head over to her Instagram and Facebook pages.

(Artwork copyright Elisa Aiuti)


  1. Beautiful, thanks for sharing Regina.

  2. Quantas coisinhas tão diferentes e lindas nos trazes!Adorei! bjs, chica

  3. i love how she incorporates different materials into her art; it's so creative, and i love the dimension it adds. i've been following pblovelife on instagram for a while, and she does something similar in terms of combining drawing and real life items.

  4. thank u all!! it is a real pleasure to read your comments ❤

  5. Muito interessante!
    Obrigada por partilhar.

  6. Interessantíssimo, Regina, lindo e delicado. Gosto demais quando se junta desenho e realidade. E é como vc diz, a parte ilustrativa é de uma simplicidade incrível, a maior parte fica por conta de uma criatividade transbordante com o uso de objetos comuns do dia a dia. Beijo para vc e uma ótima semana!

  7. What a find! I love her work!

  8. Regina!

    Estou encantada!
    O que é ter ideias... o que é ter criatividade e talento!
    Simplesmente lindo. Obrigada por nos trazer o trabalho da Elisa Aiuti,
    Parabéns a ela.
    Vou lá ver mais coisas.

    Saudades amiga!

    Beijo grande!

  9. Muito obrigada por partilhar... eu, realmente, nunca tinha visto nada igual! Lindo! Amei! Beijos!

  10. Oi, Regina! É tão bom podermos ter acesso a tanta gente criativa graças à conectividade do mundo de hoje. Adorei o trabalho dela. Singelo, delicado e divertido.

  11. Beautiful work!! It is your birthday !! Happy birthday Regina! Muitas felicidades!

    1. Dear Angela, ! thank you so much! You are sweet and a special person to me. I should write to you soon. At the moment I am in Brazil dealing with some family issues.

  12. Regina, querida... AMEI, AMEI e te achei pela OcaPop! Encantada contigo, menina! Super beijo...

    Luiza Mallmann

  13. Really a Beautiful work!! It is your birthday @ Happy Birthday @Regina!

  14. Gostei tanto destas ideias. Há gente muito talentosa.