Hello, and welcome!

I am Brazilian born and raised, living in Connecticut for the past twenty years. My first blog was written in Portuguese, and it gave me the opportunity to reconnect to my Brazilian roots and to get to know amazing people. It also gave me a sense of virtual community I've never thought possible.

In the beginning, it was all about other bloggers' projects, but down the road I discover the joy of photography and started blogging in a more personal way, sharing some stories, my simple & easy projects, and from scratch recipes, so Molly Mell was born.

I love to take pictures, gardening, cooking, star gazing, a good book, road trips, sunny days as well as rainy days, coffee, birthday cakes...

Update / Jan 2017: I'm so excited to add a new Category: "Like a Local" - I want to share with you my favorite places and things to do in this beautiful area I live, specially the farmland and hills and country towns of Litchfield County, its wineries, historic towns, amazing food, art galleries, and so much more. Stay tuned!

Thank you for reading Molly Mell!

Regina Melo


  1. Encontrei vocĂȘ. Amava "Casa de Retalhos". Tenho certeza que vou amar "Molly Mell". See you. Monica Lancsarics

    1. Muito obrigada Monica. Gostava muito do Casa de Retalhos tambem, conheci virtualmente e pessoalmente muita gente especial e bacana.