September 8, 2017

Home is not a place, it's a feeling

A few months ago, I was invited by the makers of the Brazilian online magazine OcaPop to take some pictures of my home and write an article about what it means to me.
This is a cool magazine, it's about home decor, diy, a way of making life richer and more enjoyable, and the articles are written not by professionals but for people like me, who through social medias, have found ways to express their creativity and share simple ideas and projects.

I was inspired by the picture above for the title of my article, it summarizes what I do feel about my home, after all a house, by itself, is just a place destined for shelter, but a home is much more than that, it's a refuge, a place where we feel safe, it's the expression of who we are. A home can be a house, but not every house is a home.

Throughout my home bits & pieces bring back memories and tell stories, good memories, unforgettable stories. These objects real value are what they represent to me.

Decorating for me is something intuitive; I love to mix prints, textures and colors, so I chose to paint most walls white, except for light blue on the master bathroom, and orange on the hallways walls - my husband's favorite colors, so the furniture and objects can be colorful in order to create harmony and balance to the rooms.

My way of living and my way of decorating my home are related, it's all about quality of life, simplicity, not monotony, free of excesses, joy, being practical, and having creative freedom.

I like to say that no matter where I go, like a snail, my home sweet home, goes with me.


  1. Beautiful photos and such a lovely way to describe your home. You have a lovely home! I will check the online magazine. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Hello Regina. What a lovely home you have. And you're right. It is a feeling. Your words, "it's the expression of who we are", is spot on. I see you all over the colorful decors, unique collectables and sweet flowers. Beautiful. I'm so happy you shared this with me!

  3. Olá Regina. Há muito que não passava aqui. Ainda bem que aqui vim hoje. Que coisas lindas para a casa. Amei este último espelho com porta guarda chuva, Ficava lindo no meu hall. Beijinho

  4. Realmente, a o lar não é um mero lugar, mas sim um sentimento, um estado de espírito. Adorei as fotos do seu lar!

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